CAARA is an ARRL affiliated Special
Service Club located at 6 Stanwood St.
in Gloucester Massachusetts.

2016 Annual Meeting


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Prepared by:
Bill Poulin, WZ1L

Good evening, it is time for the Annual Meeting of the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association. The meeting is being held at the CAARA Clubhouse, located at 6 Stanwood Street, Gloucester, MA. The time is 1930 hours.

Here is a listing of those present or voting via proxie:

The meeting was called to order by President Henry “Hank” McCarl, W4RIG. He welcomed all attending and asked the Treasurer, Stanley Stone, W4HIX, to give a report on the finances for the period September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016.

Here is Stanley’s report:


The Treasurer’s Report was reported by Stan Stone, W4HIX.

Click here for the full 2016 Year-End Treasurer’s Report.

Here is a summation:

The current financials of CAARA are as follows:

As of August 31, 2016

Regarding the 2 Meter Repeater at Blackburn Circle, it was determined that the problem with the amplifier was an easy fix. Repairs were made, therefore no further costs were anticipated.

Ross Burton, W1RAB, commented that there were reports of small mice running around the facility. Food preparation and service were curtailed due to this issue.

Ross reported that at the Board of Directors Meeting held on September 7th, he was tasked to solicit and receive quotes for extermination services. He said that he had a total of seven (7) quotes. The quotes received were between $600.00 and $700.00. He opined that TERMINIX was the best quote at $626.00

Ross made a motion “That TERMINIX be contracted to come and look at the building and to perform services to prevent mice or other pests from entering the building through the foundation or other areas which they have been entering the building. (Attic, Cellar, Foundation)”

The motion was seconded by Larry Beaulieu, AJ1Z.

A vote was taken by verbal voting. UNANIMOUS.

Rick Maybury, WZ1B would like to recognize Bob Quinn, WV1A, our VE Liaison, who due to poor health has asked to step down as CAARA’s VE Liaison.

Rick made a motion “to give recognition to Bob Quinn for his many years of service as the VE Liaison for the ARRL VEC.”

Motion was seconded by Bill Poulin, WZ1L.

A vote was taken by verbal voting. UNANIMOUS.

Election of Officers and Board of Directors

Bill Poulin, WZ1L, CLERK, read a report from the Nominating Committee for 2016 Elections:

To: Caara Board of Directors
From: Nominating Committee 2016
Subject: Final Report

After meeting for a month now the committee proposes the following slate.

This slate has been determined by the following methods. First a letter was sent out to the complete CAARA membership notifying them of the positions available and if interested please let the nominating committee know.

Next those who were eligible to run for the board or officer’s position were notified and responses received. Lastly there were telephone calls made to approximately 25 CAARA members at random asking if they would be interested in running for the board or an officer’s position.

Speaking with them many different reasons were given as to why they could not accept at this time.

So the nominating committee presents the following names for the 2016 slate.

  • President: Jake Hurd
  • Vice-President: Larry Beaulieu
  • Clerk None (one-year term)
  • Director: Hank McCarl
  • Tony Marks (Subsequently requested not to be placed on the ballot)
  • Stefan DeSimone
  • Director: Open

All the above have been spoken with and will accept the positions as presented.

The nominating committee also recommends that the Clerk position be a one year term for this election only. The Clerks position will be up for re-election for a two term along with the Treasurer in 2017. By making this change we will be in accordance with the by-laws that state ½ of the officers shall be up for election.

Another reason we believe that it should be a one year term is that is some member was thinking they would like to try the position before committing to a two (2) year term this would be a great way to start.

73. The 2016 nominating committee:
Bob Spanks, Jr. WA1UCG
Bill Canty W1OKD
Tony Marks N1JEI

A call to the floor was made for any additional candidates. Ruth Hodsdon, WW1N, made a nomination for the office of President for Rick Maybury, WZ1B.
Ross Burton, W1RAB, seconded the nomination. He stated he had over 12 proxies, of which 4 proxies, Sandy Balzarini, N1MAU, Mike, K1MB, Jim Capillo, W1VCA, and Jon Cunningham, K1TP approve of this nomination.

The Directors.
Bob Spanks, WA1UCG by Ross, W1RAB, Seconded by Tony, N1JEI
Chris Winczewski, K1TAT, Stan Stone, W4HIX, Dave Suuronen, KB1KR and Bill Poulin, WZ1L approve of this nomination.

Jake Hurd, W1LDL, by Tony, N1JEI, Seconded by Larry, AJ1Z
Bill Morris, K1WMM, Ruth Hodsdon, WW1N, Hank McCarl, W4RIG and Ken Ekstrom, KA1OH approve of this nomination.

Chris Winczewski, by Crystal KC1DQE, Seconded by Renee, KC1BAK
Jake Hurd, W1LDL, Tony Marks, N1JEI, Gilbert Guerin, K1VDE and John Graves, WA1JG approve of this nomination.

Henry “Hank” McCarl, W4RIG, by Larry, AJ1Z, Seconded by Tony, N1JEI
Mark Watson, W1MAW, Robert Chadbourne, K1LJO, Rob Claypool, KB1WJC and Crystal Woodworth, KC1DQE approve of this nomination.

Stefan DeSimone, K1SCD, by Tony, N1JEI, Seconded by Larry, AJ1Z
Dennis Daulton, KC1FPR, David Linsky, KA1LKX, Bill Canty, W1OKD and Gardiner Winchester II, KA1BTK approve of this nomination.

Ruth Hodsdon, WW1N, by Rick, WZ1B, Seconded by Larry, AJ1Z.
Renee Winchester, KC1BAK, Crystal Woodworth, KC1DQE, Susan Downey, N1XQW (By Proxy/W1RAB) and Bill Poulin, WZ1L approve of this nomination.

There was a request for additional nominations after those listed above were received and seconded. A request was made to finalize the slate, and 25 individuals stated “YES”.

Since the office of President required a “Secret Ballot”, the following individuals served in counting and observing of ballots cast.

Crystal Woodworth, KC1DQECounter
Dean Burgess, KB1PGHCounter
Ross Burton, W1RABObserver
Larry Beaulieu, AJ1Z
President - Rick Maybury, WZ1B30 votesJake Hurd, W1LDL16 Votes
Vice President - Larry Beaulieu, AJ1Z45 votes 1 abstained
Clerk - Dean Burgess, KB1PGH
The initial vote was on a 2 year term, 44 votes Yea, 1 vote Nay, 1 abstained
DIRECTORS (2-year terms)
Jake Hurd, W1LDL45 votes, 1 abstained
Bob Spanks, WA1UCG45 votes, 1 abstained
Hank McCarl, W4RIG45 votes, 1 abstained
Chris Winczewski, K1TAT45 votes, 1 abstained
Stefan DeSimone, K1SCD45 votes, 1 abstained
Ruth Hodsdon, WW1N45 votes 1, abstained

Note: Abstaining votes were for the individuals who were voted into that particular office. One cannot vote for themselves.

The Office of CLERK was discussed whether to take a 1 year term or two years term. Specifics of the Constitution were addressed regarding staggering of Officers and Board Members. However, a two year term was decided. Voting was held and 44 Members said YEA 1 Member NAY and 1 abstained (KB1PGH).

There being no other business to conduct at the meeting, a call was made to close the meeting by Hank, W4RIG and seconded by Tony, N1JEI.
A vote was taken 46 (YEA)/0 (NAY) UNANIMOUS

The meeting was closed at 2115 hours.

Respectfully Submitted: