CAARA is an ARRL affiliated Special
Service Club located at 6 Stanwood St.
in Gloucester Massachusetts.

Access to CAARA Facilities Policy

This Policy consists of two parts. The first part covers the issuance of keys to the facility. The second part covers the Care and Use of CAARA Facilities by members and others. The Clerk will retain signed copies of the appropriate parts as described below.


CAARA considers the security of its facilities to be of the utmost priority. CAARA maintains its facilities for the benefit and enjoyment of its membership, however, Association Members are not granted access to any portion of the facility simply as a consequence of being a Member. Access to the facilities shall be granted to members subject to the following Policy:

  1. In order for a person to be granted access, either to the building or to other areas within the building, one or more of the following criteria must be met, in no particular order, the application of which shall be solely determined by the Board of Directors:
    • Any person requesting access MUST be a Member of The Association, and have been in Good Standing for at least the previous 12 months.
    • Upon request, Association Officers and Directors will be issued keys for the duration of their term.
    • Any Member requesting access should personally appear before the Board at either a Regular Board Meeting or a Special Board Meeting and state their need for a key. Alternatively, the Member’s request may be sponsored by an Officer or Board Member.
    • The Member must be at least 18 years of age.
    • The Member’s participation in a Special Event or on certain Committees, etc. shall be considered.
    • The decision of the Board is final.
  2. All keys, including those previously issued, shall remain the property of the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association at all times and must be surrendered 1. upon demand by the Board of Directors 2. upon termination of Membership 3. on failure to maintain Membership in Good Standing 4. any other reason determined by the Board.

  3. As a condition of receiving a key, the Member agrees to pay a fee of $25.00 for each key they fail to surrender per item #2 above for any reason, including lost keys.

  4. Any person receiving, or who retains possession of, any key, shall sign and be given a copy of this Policy as proof of their agreement to the terms outlined herein. The Clerk shall retain possession of the signed copies until such keys are returned.

Keys currently issued to Members or any other persons will not need to be surrendered under the provisions of this Access Policy. However, and as indicated by their continued possession of any key or keys, any holder of said key or keys hereby agrees that all other provisions stated herein shall be fully applicable to them without exception, including item #3 above. Any person now in possession of a key or keys who does not agree to the above must surrender their key or keys immediately.

The combination lockboxes will remain in place at the will of, and pending further review by, the Board of Directors as follows:

  • Given its less than ideal integrity, the outside lockbox will normally remain empty and will be used primarily as a means of allowing temporary access to the building or to certain areas of the building as an alternative to issuing an actual key.
  • Any person given access in this manner MUST be a Member of the Association.
  • No person given access in this manner shall divulge the combination to others.
  • No person given such access shall remove the key from the premise for any reason.
  • When the temporary need for access has passed the outside lockbox key shall be removed until such time as it is again needed.
  • It would be prudent to change the access code to the lockboxes from time-to-time.

Any person or Member duplicating or distributing keys without the explicit permission of the Board shall immediately surrender all keys so duplicated. THERE SHALL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!

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Care and Use of CAARA Facilities

Prior approval by the Board of Directors is required for the use of the building for any purpose. (Meetings and other regularly scheduled uses are hereby deemed to be in compliance with this provision.) Any member(s) receiving such approval for use of the building for an Association function or otherwise, shall be responsible for turning off all lighting and other electrical equipment, setting the heat to the specified temperature appropriate for the season, securing the building’s windows and doors at the conclusion of said function or use, and any other provisions which may be determined by the Board of Directors to be appropriate at the time of said approval.

If the approved use of the building is NOT an Association function, an Association Member shall be present at all times during said function or use. That Member shall be responsible for the facility and for securing it at the conclusion of the function or use, as stated above. If a qualified Member can not be found in order to comply with this provision, the request for use of the facility shall be denied.

Any person or groups who have been approved access to the CAARA Facility hereby agree to restore it to the condition in which it was found when they arrived. All tables, chairs, etc. shall be returned to their original positions, the kitchen area, if used, shall be cleaned, all dishes, silverware, pots, pans, etc. shall be washed and returned to their proper storage locations. All food items, trash, etc. brought in shall be removed. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE shall food or trash of any kind be left on the premises. Violation of this Policy may be cause to refuse future use of the facility or, at the Board’s discretion, a refundable cleaning deposit may be required.


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