CAARA is an ARRL affiliated Special
Service Club located at 6 Stanwood St.
in Gloucester Massachusetts.

September 2019 Annual Meeting, Minutes

Meeting Date: Saturday, September 14, 2019

Meeting called to order at 12:10 noon by President Hank McCarl, W4RIG. 15 Voting Members present including 6 BOD members, + 1 visitor (KC1LWT).

  1. 2019 Annual Report of the CAARA President

    We have enjoyed an eventful year with 16 Public Service events providing communications for road races, parades, and other similar activities such as:

    • The Around the Cape boat races and cycling events.
    • We held a Tech in a Day Session at the Boxboro ARRL meeting in September and have reorganized the VE team with Bill Poulin as coordinator in preparation for another session in Boxboro.
    • We held several fund raising meals organized by Bill Morris with assistance from Tony Marks and Dave Linsky.
    • We replaced our main multi-band antenna at 6 Stanwood.
    • We held a successful Field Day event in June. Tony Sarracino did a great job as Field Day Chairman.

    We are also working on the 440 repeater and it is now linked with several other repeaters in the Eastern MA and Southern NH area. Special efforts by Jon Cunningham were greatly appreciated in maintenance of the 2 Meter repeater that is supported by CAARA at the Blackburn Industrial Park in Gloucester.

    Jon and Dean Burgess did a great job with the Monthly newsletter. Dave Linsky gets special thanks for maintenance of the facilities at 6 Stanwood and general management of the CAARA property. Special Thanks to Chris Winczewski for coordinating the Special Events and Sunday Night net.

    Thanks for the work by Ron Beckley on repairs and maintenance for the phone and communications systems. Also thanks for the work on the computer and equipment at 6 Stanwood operations. The Officers, Board, and Committee Chairs did good work and thanks to Jake Hurd and his helpers the equipment sales on eBay are going smoothly once again.

    We look forward to another successful year as an ARRL Special Services Club and special thanks to Gardi Winchester for his work as Emergency Service Coordinator.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Hank McCarl, W4RIG
    CAARA President

  2. 2019 Annual Report of the CAARA Treasurer

    Tony Marks summarized the annual Treasurer's report (Detailed Report here). Club was $1275.89 in the black for the year. In addition he pointed out that two scholarships were awarded. Additional discussion with regard to scholarship presentations to advertise CAARA willingness to help kids regardless of gender.

    It was noted that the VE team donated $175 to the club.

    Tony Marks N1JEI
    CAARA Treasurer

  3. New Business

    • Amendment to Constitution to change the annual meeting from existing verbiage to: 2nd Saturday of September 12:00 noon was presented. Discussion ensued with regard to any potential conflicts. Motion to adopt new day/time by Bill Poulin Second by Larry Beaulieu vote unanimous.
    • Doug Bidwell requested access to first floor HF equipment at various times of day at his discretion. Jake provided Doug with the lock-box access code.
    • There was additional discussion to clarify the antenna switches and dummy loads.
    • Discussion ensued with regard to abutters crossing property. No issues noted.
  4. Election of Officers

    • Charles Herlihy KC1JKJ was nominated for clerk by Bill Poulin second by Dick Copithorne.
    • Ron Beckley nominated for reelection to BOD by Tony Marks second by Larry Beaulieu
    • Tony Saraccino was nominated for reelection to BOD by Bill Poulin second by Tony Marks
    • Brandon Hockle (NQ1W) was nominated for new Director by Jake Hurd second by Tony Marks

    Rob Claypool moved to close the nominations second by Larry Beaulieu vote unanimous. Motion to approve the 2019 officers and directors by acclamation made by Larry Beaulieu second by Jake Hurd. Vote unanimous.

  5. Motion to adjourn at 12:49
    Motion made by Larry Beaulieu second by Bill Poulin vote unanimous. Lunch, refreshments and fellowship immediately followed.

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