CAARA is an ARRL affiliated Special
Service Club located at 6 Stanwood St.
in Gloucester Massachusetts.

About the Member’s Area of

Among the materials CAARA members might find of interest are club policies, an up-to-date Membership Roster, CAARA Newsletter Archive, and the latest copy of the CAARA Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules which, while a public document, isn’t published anywhere else. Some material is considered private, such as member’s personal contact information in the Membership Roster, minutes of the Meetings of the Board of Directors (not all of them are currently available online), etc. Access to the private material requires registration and a password, and registration will be strictly limited to CAARA members in good standing.

While most material is available publicly, before you may access the  Protected  areas of the site, you must register a username and password. The home page and registration form for the site is: Allow a reasonable time (up to 24 hours) for your registration to be completed as you WILL be vetted against the current membership roster. Please respect the privacy of our members and do not divulge your login credentials to anyone. If you do, you risk having your registration blocked. No member in good standing will ever be denied access to the protected areas.

Here are a couple of pointers you may find helpful while using the Members Area.

  1. Your CAARAMail login doesn’t work here - that is only used when you wish to access your CAARAMail account to make changes to your email, etc.

  2. You will only be asked for your login when you try to access protected areas or documents, which will be highlighted in RED. You only need to login once per session and once you are logged-in, you will remain logged-in until you close your web-browser.

The CAARA Members Area has been formatted using the latest web-coding techniques. With that in mind, it is possible that some older browsers may not display the website optimally. If you think that is the case, try a different browser (if possible), or check for updates to yours. I have tried to format all documents, materials, web-pages, etc., so that they will print ‘gracefully’. Give one a try and let me know how it works for you.

The Members Area uses SSL technology (https vs. http) as indicated by the padlock symbol () in the address bar. The use of SSL technology ensures that data transmitted between the web server and your browser is encrypted and remains private.

Your feedback is always welcome. If you have an idea for a new feature or content that you think would be of specific interest to other CAARA Members, please send it directly to the .

If you experience any difficulties, broken links, etc., please let me know what happened! Don’t forget to include information about your web-browser.

73. Dick, K1VRA Assistant Webmaster