CAARA is an ARRL affiliated Special
Service Club located at 6 Stanwood St.
in Gloucester Massachusetts.

CAARAnet Script – Preamble and Closing

Conducted Sundays at 9:00 PM

“CQ, CQ, CQ, All Amateur Radio Operators. Does anyone need this repeater for emergency or priority traffic?” (drop)

“Attention all stations. This is the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association’s Net known as ‘CAARAnet’ conducted on CAARA’s W1GLO repeater in Gloucester, Massachusetts. We operate on 145.130 MHz with a PL of 107.2.” (drop)

“This weekly Net is a ‘directed’ Net and is conducted for the purpose of exchanging club news, upcoming events, ARRL bulletins and traffic of interest to the ham radio community. Your Net control for tonight, (date), is (callsign), (callsign in phonetics). My name is (say first name).” (drop)

“The Net Control Station alone will determine who uses the frequency and what traffic will be handled during the Net session. Please do not break into the Net without direction from Net control.”

“If you do have an emergency during the Net please state the word “emergency” followed by your callsign. The Net Control Station will then turn the frequency over to you for the duration of the emergency.”

“If you have comments or information for the Net please use the words ‘comment’ or ‘info’ followed by your callsign, then wait for Net Control to accept your information.”

“Likewise, if you have a question for the Net please state the word ‘question’ followed by your callsign. Again, await Net Control to return to your question.” (drop)

“When checking into this Net, please use the ‘Hesitation Method’ by saying: ‘This is,’ then release your mic switch to see if you are doubling with anyone. If you do not hear anyone else talking, proceed to phonetically give your callsign and follow by announcing your name and location, and stating if you have information for the Net by saying: ‘I have traffic!’ You will then stand down and wait for Net control to acknowledge you before transmitting again within the Net.” (drop)

“This Net will be informal in procedure, therefore, it is not necessary to receive permission to leave the Net. Since we may be ‘Echolink-connected,’ I will call for Echolinked stations to check-in separately. Please note that we need to allow about 3-4 full seconds for the Echolink system to fully linkup before and after transmissions from those connecting stations. We welcome all stations, far and wide, to join our Net. I will now stand by for anyone with emergency or priority traffic only.” (drop).

[If traffic is declared, RETURN DIRECTLY TO THAT PERSON AND ALLOW HIS OR HER TRAFFIC TO PROCEED. If there is no traffic then proceed with Net processing.]

“Okay, with no priority traffic noted, I’ll ask for regular local check-ins first and then for Echolinked check-ins. Local check-ins only please come now, again stating your call-sign, first name, location and whether or not you have traffic for the Net.” (drop).

Acknowledge all check-ins saying “Net Control acknowledges ‘(callsign)’, do we have other check-ins?” Don’t forget to call for Echolinked stations to check in. Ask for them specifically and follow by asking again for additional LOCAL check-ins.

[This is all informal, but will give you an idea on how to proceed.]

Acknowledge all stations that check into the Net. Feel free to pause the Net as needed or ask the Net to stand-by while you log all check-ins. When no further stations check-in to the Net, then proceed with Net business. Remember to ask for and accept new check-ins or if anyone has anything for the Net every few minutes!

Specifically welcome and thank Echolink/DX check-ins!

Closing CAARAnet

“Are there any final stations wishing to check into the Net?” (drop)

“Are there any comments or questions?” (drop)

[When there is no further activity proceed to close the Net.]

“This is (Callsign), your Net control station for this session of CAARAnet thanking all of the stations that checked-in tonight for participating and supporting the Net. I also want to thank those stations that did not check in for standing down while the Net was in session. Your help in maintaining this Net is greatly appreciated by one and all.” (drop)

“This Net is repeated every Sunday night at 9:00pm Eastern time. I remind and invite you to visit the repeater often and stay in touch until we meet again next week. This is (Callsign) closing the Net at (local time) and returning the repeater to regular Amateur Radio operation. Good evening all and 73!” (drop)

Click here for Net Log Sheet

Click here for a printable copy of the Preamble.